Technical Report Writing, Editing and Reviewing

Rhithroecology people have extensive experience in technical writing, editing and reviewing.  We :

Developed the first State of the Basin Report for the lower Mekong River.

Edited the  book “Stream Protection,  The Management  of Rivers for Instream Uses.” Water  Studies Centre, Chisholm  Institute of Technology, East Caulfield.  (1986)

Edited the book “ Mayflies and Stoneflies,  Life Histories and Biology.” Kluwer      Academic Press, Dordrecht, Netherlands.  (1990)

Edited the book “ The Mekong : Biophysical Environment of an International River Basin.” Academic Press, Elsevier. Amsterdam. 432 pp (2009).

Reviewed the Origin, Fate and Dispersion of Toxicants in the Lower Yarra River.

Reviewed international approaches to environmental water allocations.

Prepared of the aquatic ecology section of the Public Environmental Review document for the Cotter Dam enlargement project, ACT.

Acted as reviewers for several international journals